Challenge mission

Challenge tasks are tasks that can only be challenged for a certain period of time.

  • Battle of certain conditions must be cleared for a period of time.
  • Success and defeat conditions may vary for each challenge.
  • If you fail, you can try again using gem.

You can be rewarded for the number of battles you win.

  • Winning battles cannot be challenged again.

You can also see the story of a challenge during an ongoing challenge.

  • Stories can be checked when entering a challenge mission or when the challenge stage is cleared.
  • The story can be viewed again in history.

Growth challenge

Challenges that have ended the challenge period will be able to play again since a certain period of time in Growth challenge.

  • Clearing the Challenge in the Growth Challenge can help you achieve new rewards.
  • When you play a challenge on a growth challenge, you can see the story of an existing challenge.
  • Challenges cleared from the growth challenge can be re-challenged by viewing advertisements or resetting using jewelry.
  • Initializing a challenge by viewing an ad is a fixed number of times a week.
  • Initializing a challenge in a growth challenge will reset the amount of Gems and the number of failures used to re-challenge if the challenge fails.
  • Initializing and clearing the challenge in the growth challenge will pay for the challenge again.

Move Episode

Easily move to the challenge you want.