Deck organization

  • Only cards included in the deck may be used during battle.
  • You can configure the desired deck before your battle.

Normal slot

  • This is where you can arrange unit cards and tactical cards. – Unit cards in the main slot may use special skills.
  • Tactical cards can not use special skill even if they are in the main page.
  • Unit cards in the sub-slot can not use special skills.
  • It is also a good idea to place a tactical card in the main slot when you want to use the special skill you want.

Building slot

  • You can consist a building card.
  • Buildings in main building slots are used as main buildings.
  • Building cards in the main building gain 20% Hp.

Deck storage slot

  • Three regular and one emoticon deck can be stored.

Average Cost Usage

  • Average cost of eight cards except building cards included in the deck.
  • The higher the cost, the slower the card rotation in battle, which can make it difficult to respond.

Emoticon deck

  • Only emoticons included in the emoticon deck can be used during PVP.
  • You can configure any emoticon deck before you do a PVP.
  • The emoticon you have can see the movement of the emoticon when you touch the play button.
  • Emoticons that you don’t have can be purchased on touch.
  • For emoticons that can be acquired by a non-buy method, you can check the acquisition method at touch.
  • You can select six emoticons on the deck to express your opinion.
  • The selected emoticon will be displayed to the user and to the counterpart.

Unit Cards and Tactical Cards

  • Use one card per battle.
  • If you don’t have the card you have, it will be changed to a prototype unit and you will be involved in the battle.
  • Prototype cards are not used.
  • One skin type card is used when entering a battle.
  • Prototype cards are less capable than skin types.

building card

  • This card can only be used as a main building or sub-building.
  • Building cards are not consumed in battle.
  • Building cards can be level-up to the same level as users using [Gold, SC-01].
  • E.x) When the user level is 5, the building card can also be upgraded to level 5.


  • Get a quick look at the card information you have collected.