• Explore can clear the explore area to obtain the cards and resources required for the game.
  • The number of explore areas that can be played in the explore depends on the user’s level .
  • The explore list is updated once a day.
  • There are several modes of Explore.
  • In the selected explore area, you can see which cards enemy uses.
  • Identify the special tiles that are installed in the selected explore area.
  • Identify the clear objectives, star fulfillment conditions, and rewards of the selected explore area.
  • If you have cleared the Explore area with three stars and received all the rewards, you will no longer be able to play until renewal time.
  • If you achieve the star acquisition conditions and have 10 stars acquired, you can earn rewards from the mains.
  • In the exploration area where special tiles are installed, the portal is not used by the enemy, and the duration of the portal installed by the user is increased.

Explore mode
Offense Mode

  • Combat mode that destroys the enemy’s main building.

Touch Down Mode

  • When the friendly unit arrives at the target point, the score will be accumulated, and 10 points will win.

Defense Mode

  • A mode that defends our main building during the time limit.

Boss mode

  • The mode to eliminate enemy boss units. Boss mode is only available on weekends.

Special tile

  • There are many different types of tiles on the map.
  • As soon as the unit arrives at that tile, each tile’s unique ability is activated.


  • If a unit arrives on this tile, half of the cost of using the unit will be returned.


  • If a unit arrives on this tile, it will be removed regardless of its HP or buff.


  • If a unit arrives on this tile, the unit will move to the starting position as it is.


  • If a unit arrives at this position, the attack speed and movement speed of that unit will increase.


  • If a unit arrives at this location, the unit’s attack speed and Reduces movement speed.


  • If a unit arrives at this location, unit will be get shield.
  • Special tiles will be continuously updated.