PVP mode

  • You can play against users in real-time.
  • Various rewards can be received by accumulating PVP results.
  • You can get a chest as a reward for each PVP victory.
  • PVP victory reward can be obtained up to 10 times a day.

Match making

  • PVP matches opponents who have similar match points.

Increase and decrease PVP points

  • PVP points increase if you win PVP.
  • When the PVP score is more than 1600 points, the defeat reduces the PVP point.
  • If you beat an opponent with higher points than yourself, you will earn more points of contention, and if you lose to the opponent with fewer points of contention, you will lose more points of contention

terms of victory in battle

  • Within the time limit, the one who destroys the opponent’s building much through card summons wins.
  • Destroying the opponent’s main building wins regardless of the time limit.
  • At the end of the time limit, the one who destroyed many buildings wins.
  • If the number of buildings destroyed is the same, it’s a draw.

How to proceed

  • Specify where to install your main building before starting battle.
  • Auxiliary buildings will be installed in the other two.
  • The main building will play with a 20% increase in Hp
  • The cards set in the deck can be selected from four that are displayed in a random order at play, and the following cards will be replenished to the place used.
  • You can select the card you want to use, drag it to the location you want, or touch it to summon it.
  • The unit moves towards the opponent’s building on the lane of deployment and attacks the opponent’s units and buildings in the range.


  • Cost is automatically produced every 2 seconds during battle, with a maximum carrying capacity of 10.
  • Summoning the unit using the card will consume the cost of the court.
  • Different cards use different coats.
  • Cost production is doubled by the end of the battle two minutes after the start of the battle.
  • Coast can be charged through cards such as a cost production station or special tiles.

Building in battle

  • Each building has its own functions, with the main building and two sub-buildings installed during the battle.
  • In deck construction, the building placed in the main building slot will be placed as the main building.
  • Allows you to specify the location of the main building prior to battle.

Main building

  • Main building has shielding, so it’s hard to .
  • Shields can be removed by attacking and destroying, or by destroying one of the sub-buildings.
  • The main building will be covered with a damage, or if one of the sub-buildings is destroyed, the activity will begin.

Sub building

  • In deck organization, buildings placed in sub-building slots are placed as sub-buildings.
  • If you specify the location of the main building before the battle, the sub-building will be automatically installed in the remaining lanes.
  • If a sub-building is destroyed, the area of the unit card for that lane will be increased.
  • Destroy one of the sub-buildings and the shield in the main building will disappear.


  • The battle lasts four minutes.
  • If you fail to destroy each other’s main buildings within the time limit, if the number of destroyed buildings is the same, you will be tied.
  • 2 minutes after the start of the battle and twice as much as the end of the battle.

Portal and special Skills

  • You need a special gauge to use portals and special skills.
  • special gauges increase over time, and increase faster as buildings are attacked.
  • When more than one square of special gauge is filled, the border of the unit card and portal buttons are illuminated in the main slot.
  • Up to two special gauges can be stacked.
  • special gauges consume one portal or one transference.
  • Summoning the unit card when the border of the unit card is illuminated will activate the special skill.
  • special skills vary in their intended use and operating position according to their respective characteristics.
  • When the border of the portal button shines, the portal button can be activated.
  • The portal will be installed up or down when summoned up and down the second line up or down.
  • When you install a portal where it is already installed, the existing portal will be removed.
  • You can remove the portal regardless of who created it.
  • When you install the portal in the field, the unit that was moving follows the portal.
  • Retention time exists on the portal, and retention time is displayed on each portal.
  • When the retention time is up, the portal will disappear.
  • If you go to the portal of your ally, the unit will recover, and if you go to the portal of the other party, you will get a demage.

Winning point

  • Winning the battle will allow you to acquire as many stars as the number of enemy buildings you have destroyed.
  • Collect 10 stars to acquire boxes from the main.
  • If you have more than 10 stars acquired, the number of stars that you have exceeded will disappear.
  • Only one box per day can be acquired as a winning point.
  • Up to three boxes can be accumulated as winning points.