Grand Prix

[ Grand Prix ]

  • At the Grand Prix, you can only see the selected picture among the stage paintings produced by users.
  • Touch the picture to view the stage details.

Show Frame

  • The Grand Prix selected stage shows the number of medals won based on the play result.
  • If you did not play or did not meet the medal winning conditions, the medal will not be displayed.

Show Stage Images

  • For stages created by modifying a picture, a camera icon is displayed in the stage image.

Grand Prix Selection & Rewards

  • The Grand Prix will be ranked by aggregating the number of Likes from the 1st to the end of each month.
  • Grand Prix rewards are paid differently based on rankings from 1st to 12th, and will be mailed on the 1st of every month.
  • The stage which has been selected for Grand Prix can be played to win medals and rewards according to the number of medals.
  • The medals won can be used to open chapters on the Normal stage.

[Stage Details ]

  • Touch Start button to play the stage.
  • Red wool is consumed when playing.
  • The stages was selected for the Grand Prix cannot be reported or got Like.

[Creators Gallery ]

  • In the stage details, you can navigate to the creator’s gallery.

Creators Gallery List

  • In the Creators Gallery, you can see at a glance the stage that Creator made.
  • Touch the stage to see the details of the stage details.
  • Here can be checked the number of stage made by the creator.
  • In a gallery can be sorted as follows:
  • Latest / Like / Difficulty / Size

Show Frame

  • The stages selected for the Grand Prix are shown a golden border and a medal.
  • The current season’s pictures are shown in blue borders, the previous season’s pictures do not have border markings.