Exhibition Hall

[ Exhibition Hall ]

  • In the exhibition hall, you can see the stage of the current season made by users.
  • Touch the picture to see the stage details.
  • Touch the Update button to update the list currently displayed.
  • The pictures in the Exhibition Hall can be arranged as follows:
  • Latest / Like / Difficulty / Size

Show List

  • The stages which has not been played are displayed in color.
  • The DONE box of the stages which has been played displays a check.

Show Stage Images

  • For stages created by modifying a picture, a camera icon is displayed in the stage image.

Badge Functions

  • The badge is displayed on the stage for specific conditions.
  • Only one of the badges is displayed.
  • It has displayed when the stage is within 48 hours.
  • It has displayed if both condition, which is within 48 hours of registration and 10 or more Likes are met.
  • It has Displayed when the stage has more than 30 Likes.

Power Exposure

  • You can register Power Exposure by using beads or watching Ads.
  • The stage which registered by Power Exposure may be exposed more in the exhibition hall.
  • The stage which registered by Power Exposure will be displayed in golden border and yellow color.

[ Stage Details ]

  • You can check the stage details.
  • Touch Start to play the stage.
  • When users play the stages, red wool is consumed.


  • If an inappropriate picture is found, you can report it by the Report button in the stage details.
  • When you touch the Report button, a report notification pops up.
  • If you touch Report button on a pop-up notification, the report will be processed.

[Creators Gallery ]

  • Touch the stage to see the details of the stage details.

Creators Gallery List

  • In the Creators Gallery, you can see at a glance the stage that Creator made.
  • Touch the stage to see the details of the stage details.
  • Here can be checked the number of stage made by the creator.
  • In a gallery can be sorted as follows:
  • Latest / Like / Difficulty / Size

Show Frame

  • The stages selected for the Grand Prix are shown a golden border and a medal.
  • The current season’s pictures are shown in blue borders, the previous season’s pictures do not have border markings.

[Stage Play ]

User Stage Play

  • The user stage can be played by touching the start button.
  • When you play the stage, one wool is used.

User Stage Play Order

[Stage Play] – [Evaluation] – [Rewards]

Stage play

  • User stage has different effect of combo skill.
  • The combo skill has the following effects:

Combo Skill Effects
Stage Size 16
Number of automatically connected number blocks: 1

Stage Size 20
Number of automatically connected number blocks: 2

Stage Size 24
Number of automatically connected number blocks: 3

Stage Size 32
Number of automatically connected number blocks: 4


  • You should clear the stage to evaluate the stage.
  • The stage can only be Evaluated on initial clear.
  • Only the current season’s stages can be evaluated.


  • You can earn rewards by clearing the user stage.
  • Woolly pass points, Danchus, and Yarn exp fudges are provided.
  • The amount of rewards depends on the size of the stage.

Additional Rewards

  • When clearing stages produced by other users, you can achieve certain goals and achieve more rewards.

Conditions under which additional rewards can be obtained

Clear within time limit

  • This is achieved by clearing the stage in time.
  • The stage time is added little by little each time a single number block is connected.

Earn 3 heart coins

  • It will be achieved if you win all three heart coins that appear on the stage.

Achieve Stage Score

  • This will be achieved when the acquisition score is exceeded the target score.

Additional Rewards

Depending on the number of goals achieved, the amount of rewards you can earn is as follows:

  • Achieve 1: 1.5x the base reward
  • Achieve 2: 2x the base reward
  • Achieve 3: 3x the base reward