My Gallery

[ My Gallery ]

  • In the gallery, you can see your stage at a glance.
  • You can see the details of the stage by touching it.
  • You can check the number of stage you have made.
  • You can sort pictures in a gallery as follows:
  • Latest / Recommended / Difficulty / Size

Show Frame

  • The stage selected for the Grand Prix shows a golden border and a medal.
  • The current season’s pictures are shown in blue borders, the previous season’s pictures do not have any border.

Show Stage Images

  • For stages created by modifying a picture, a camera icon is displayed in the stage image.

The stage with accumulated number of Reports

  • If the stage got more than 10 reports, the number of Likes will be covered with yellow warning signs and will not be temporarily exposed in the exhibition hall.
  • After checking, any stage that are deemed inappropriate will be deleted, and any stage that are not problematic will be exposed to the exhibition hall again.

The Deleted Stage

  • The number of deleted stage’s Likes will be covered with red warning signs, and the picture can no longer be viewed.
  • Inappropriate stages may be deleted even if no reports are accumulated.

[ Gallery Details ]

  • The gallery details provide the following information:
  • Stage Image / Title / Number of Likes / Size / Difficulty

Start My Stage

  • You can test your own stage by touching Start button in Gallery Details.
  • The stage you made does not consume red wool and does not rewarded.

Delete My Stage

  • You can delete a stage by touching the trash icon in the gallery details.
  • You cannot delete the stage during the grand prix nominating day.
  • The stage has been selected for the Grand Prix cannot be deleted.

Show Gallery Details

  • The stage which has been selected for Grand Prix is displayed with a golden border and a medal, and can check the selected season.
  • The stages which has been reported more than 10 times have yellow warning signs and are temporarily not exposed.
  • If The stage has no problem, the warning signs will be eliminated and the stages will be exposed again.

[Friends Gallery ]

  • When you touch the View Gallery in the Friend list, the Friends Gallery pops up.

Gallery List

  • In the Friend Gallery, you can see at a glance the stage that your friend made.
  • Touch the stage to see the details of the stage details.

[ Stage Details ]

  • Touch Start to play the stage.
  • When users play the stages, red wool is consumed.


  • If an inappropriate picture is found, you can report it by the Report button in the stage details.
  • When you touch the Report button, a report notification pops up.
  • If you touch Report button on a pop-up notification, the report will be processed.


  • You should clear the stage to evaluate the stage.
  • The stage can only be Evaluated on initial clear.
  • Only the current season’s stages can be evaluated.