[ Collection]

  • Collections with various skills can be used by collecting yarn.
  • Each collection has its own required yarn, and it is automatically activated when you collect all the types of yarn required for that collection.
  • The yarn required to activate the collection can be found in each collection skill.

Collection Skills

  • When you activate your collection, you can use the Collection Skills.
  • The Collection Skills should be equipped in three collection slots to use.
  • To equip the collection skill, touch the Equip button and then touch the [Collection Slot].

The type of Collection Skills

  • When a collection is equipped in a collection slot, the skills of that collection are available.
  • The Collection Skills are categorized as [Production Skills] and [Support Skills].
  • When you equip a collection with [Production Skills] in a collection slot, it produces items every constant time.
  • When you equip a collection with [Support Skills] in the collection slot, the effect is applied when you play the stage.
  • If you equipped other collection, the remaining time which can get item is initialized.

Collection Details

  • You can upgrade your collection skills at the collection details.
  • Information that can be found in the collection details
  • Collection Icon / Collection Skill Name / Description of Collection Skill / Effect of Collection Skill / Upgrade Conditions / Upgrade Costs

Upgrade Collection

  • To upgrade a collection, all of the yarn levels displayed in the list must be the same as the current collection level.
  • You can upgrade your collection by touching the Upgrade button at the collection details.
  • The collection upgrade requires Danchu, and the amount required varies depending on the level of the collection.
  • Upgrading the collection will increase the effectiveness of the collection skill.