Combine Yarn

[ Combine Yarn ]

Intro of Yarn Combination

  • You can get a new one by combining three Yarns.
  • The Yarns used in the combination disappear and new one appears.

Register in slot

  • Only the yarns that have more than one can be used for combinations.
  • The Yarn which you have only one cannot be used in combination.
  • Touch the Yarn in the list to register in the slot.
  • The yarns registered in the slot are marked with check in the retention list.

Combine Yarn

  • Register 3 Yarns in the slot and touch the combine button, and a new Yarn will appear.
  • The higher the rating of the Yarn registered in the slot, the higher the probability of the high rating Yarns appearing.
  • Combine by using beads have a higher probability of obtaining a higher rating of Yarn than a Danchu combination.

Increase Combination Probability after View Ad

  • Touch the Combine button which use Danchu, pop up the advertisement view notification.
  • If you click OK when the notification is displayed, the advertisement plays and when the advertisement is over, you can check the result of the combination.
  • If you click Cancel, you can combine the Yarn without seeing the ad.
  • If you watch an ad, you will have an increased appear probability of a high rating Yarns, like a beads combination probability.
  • If you purchase a Woolly Pass, the probability increase is always applied during the season when the Woolly Pass is maintained without having to watch the advertisement.