Main Yarn

[ Main Yarn ]

  • You can set one of your yarns as the Main Yarn.
  • The Main Yarn can be set in the Yarn details.
  • When a Yarn is set as the Main yarn, the skill of the Yarn will be applied .

[ Yarn skill ]

  • Yarn has the skill.
  • The higher the Yarn rating, the better skills it has.
  • Yarn’s skills can be checked at the Main yarn and yarn details.

Yarn Skill Types

  • Once you register a yarn as the Main Yarn, you can use the Yarn’s skills.
  • Yarn’s skills are classified into [produce skill] and [support skill].
  • If a Yarn with [produce skill] is set as the Main Yarn, items are produced every certain time.
  • If a Yarn with [support skill] is set as the Main Yarn, the skill will be activated whenever you play the game.
  • However, if you set the Yarn with the item produce skill to main Yarn and changed it others, the time remaining for item production will be reset.

[ Holding Yarns ]

  • You can see the entire Yarn’s information at a glance from the Holding Yarns.
  • The yarn list is sorted by grade.
  • Collected yarns are displayed in color and yarns do not have are displayed in black and white.
  • The Yarn pictorial book shows the following details:
  • Collect Status / Name / Yarn Image / Rating / Number of Holds
  • Touch the Yarn image to see the details of it.

[ Yarn Details ]

  • The following information can be found in the Yarn details:
    Yarn Image / Yarn Name / Raiting / Description / Skill

Yarn Level Up

  • You need fudge or candy and Danchu to raise Yarn’s level.
  • Fudge and candy can be purchased at a store or are obtained by various rewards.
  • Kinds of fudge and candy
  • [Fudge], [Candy]
  • It can be used for Yarn which fits its type.
  • [Star Fudge], [Star Candy]
  • Available for all Yarn.
  • Selecting a Fudge or candy from the details and touching the Apply button consumes the selected Fudge, Candy, and Danchus and increases Yarns experience.
  • Closing the Yarn Details without touching the Apply button, will not consume Fudge and candy.
  • If you fill all the experience values for that level, the level will rise.
  • If Yarn’s level goes up, Yarn’s skill effect goes up.


  • Yarn’s ratings are divided into [Normal], [Rare], [High class], [Hero], and [Legend].
  • The background will be different depending on the ratings of Yarn.
  • Yarns in the higher rating have better skills.


  • There are various type of Yarn in Drawoolly.
  • The type of yarn is indicated by icon which is in yarn book or details.
  • Candy and fudge can be used for the same type of Yarn.