• Clan allows multiple users to engage in community activities.

Create A Clan

  • Creating a Clan is possible by touching the Clan creation button on the screen.
  • Gems are consumed by Clan creation.

Join A Clan

  • For public clans, you can join by searching in the Clan list.
  • For private clans, you can join by an invitation.

Clan Class

  • Clan Class includes Leader / Co-leader / Senior member / Junior member.

Clan Function
Card request / support

  • If you request a card from a Clan member, you can receive a data chip for that card.
  • If you apply for a card to Clan Members, use that card to support him, You can earn user experience points and gold as a reward.

Friendly Match

  • You can have a friendly match with Clan members.
  • In a friendly match, all cards level become same level and cards do not be consumed.


  • Co-Leader or higher can promote Clan member’s class.


  • Co-leader or higher can demote Clan member’s class.


Senior Clan members or higher can expell members.


  • If you leave the Clan, you will not be able to join another Clan for 24 hours.
  • The leader must delegate the leader position to the co-leader to leave the clan.
  • If the leader is left alone, the leader can leave the clan without delegate the leader position.

Clan Settings

  • You can change the Clan mark, Clan description, Clan type, and Clan subscription limited PVP points in Clan settings.